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mental toughness for mothers
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Would your workplace benefit from:

  • Return to work coaching after parental leave?

  • Helping employees be resilient in stressful work environments?

  • Improving work effectiveness and performance?

  • Helping women balance work and home life amidst the juggle?

  • Helping employees find more enjoyment and satisfaction in their current job?

We offer programs and coaching in:

  • Wellbeing

  • Performance strengths and effectiveness

  • Resilience and mental toughness

  • Growth mindset

  • Job crafting

Flourish at work

We help women, often mothers, perform their best at work.

Our approach, based on the science of Positive Psychology, involves harnessing positively oriented performance strengths, building psychological capacities such as resilience, and optimising wellbeing.

More employers are becoming aware of the benefits of focusing on employee wellbeing. Research shows when employees feel good and function well at work, they perform better, are more engaged, more productive, and more satisfied with their jobs. They have less sick days and become a lower flight risk.

In parallel, a plethora of studies have shown that employees who are able to use their performance enhancing strengths more often at work not only perform better, but experience less stress, have more energy, are more confident, learn and develop more quickly, are more creative and agile, and are more satisfied and engaged with their work.

Flourishing Mothers help women thrive and live their best life by building resilience, boosting wellbeing and guiding positive action.  We help both individuals and organisations to flourish.                     


Options for delivery

Seminars/lunch & learn 

30 minute to 1 hour education and practical exercises to take away


Workshops and interactive training programs

  • Education

  • Assessments

  • Practical exercises

  • Individual or team level

One on one coaching

We can work with an individual to improve performance providing:

  • Assessments pre & post engagement

  • Coaching

  • Practical exercises

  • Between session support

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