Flourishing Mothers Positive Psychology

Flourish in life

We only get one life. Let’s aim to enjoy it, find meaning in it, experience enriching relationships, and accomplish what we wish to. Research suggests only 17% of us are flourishing in this way, the rest of us are just coasting along or even languishing in life. We help you move towards flourishing – towards being your “best self”, living your best life, and rediscovering your mojo in the process.

At times, we may feel far from thriving, and struggle to cope or meet challenges that are thrown at us. Here, we help you strengthen your resilience and “mental fitness” to get you to a point where flourishing can seem within your grasp. We want you to feel well, and to function well. We want you to thrive, not just survive!

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Flourish in work

It is possible to find work you love that is wellbeing enhancing, not wellbeing draining. Flourishing at work is about feeling good, performing well and experiencing less stress. Its finding your job energising, and satisfying. This applies whether you wish to make your current job more satisfying, you are at a career crossroads, you are returning to work, or wish to reinvent your work-self altogether.

We help you make sure your work complements your overall life, not overpowers it. That you get to do what you love and be at your best at work every day. That you feel like you’ve found your tribe when you’re there. That you can still focus on, and find energy for what else is important in your life.


How does Flourishing Mothers help you?

We assist you with highly teachable, practical skills in our individual coaching and work-based settings. 

We commit to provide the highest standards of service underpinned by the latest scientific findings, methods, and assessment tools in the fields of Coaching Psychology and Positive Psychology.  These disciplines focus on optimising emotional, psychological and social functioning with the aims of:

  • improving your wellbeing whilst managing stress and challenges along the way

  • building your individual capability and through leveraging your unique character and performance strengths.

  • cultivating your confidence to accomplish valued and meaningful goals.