Your roadmap to reboot your life and embrace a future that lights you up

Have you lost your mojo and are floundering?

Have you lost sight of who you are or what your future holds?

Do you feel overwhelmed, out of control and unsure?

Are you stuck on the hamster wheel of life and not enjoying it?

We’ve been there and we get it. We’ve had to figure out who we want to be as mothers while reclaiming our identity. We’ve learned how to bounce back when feeling overwhelmed. We’re living our ideal lives, confident about who we are AND being the mums we want to be. It’s possible for you too! You CAN regain your mojo and live your dream life with confidence.

Is it your time to do this?

We’re thrilled to share our Fire Up Your Life program. We’ll provide you with your personally designed and meaningful roadmap to flourish and live a future that excites you.

Here’s what you’ll have:

  • STRATEGIES to reduce stress and overwhelm and grow (not be diminished) from challenges

  • THE STEPS you need to take to get your mojo back

  • A ROADMAP for your exciting future that puts you in charge of your destiny

  • CONFIDENCE that you can be the best version of you

We help Mums who:

  • Are feeling stuck, directionless, and unexcited about their future

  • Dream of living a life they LOVE without compromising their family, lifestyle or financial security

  • Need a reboot to re-find themselves and their zest for life

NOW is the time for you to get your mojo back and embrace a future that lights you up!

What does this program involve?

  • Collaborating with your coach to discover, articulate and plan out your roadmap for your exciting future, step-by-step

  • Strengthening your mental fitness and removing roadblocks to allow you to thrive

  • Accessing cutting edge coaching techniques, assessments, strategies and tools which are scientifically proven and effective

  • Four intensive one-on-one coaching sessions complemented by guided home-learning activities

  • High degree of support from your coach throughout the program to help you take action and get to where you’d love to be!

The question is not how to survive, but how to thrive with passion, compassion, humour & style
— Maya Angelou