Your roadmap to do work that lights you up and works with your life

Do you dream of doing work you love?

Are you finding your work just isn’t working with the rest of your life? 

Are you too busy with the day to day to plan your future?

Are you ready to succeed at something satisfying  but don't know where to start?

We’ve been there and we get it. We’re working women. We’re mums. We love doing work that we’re passionate about while balancing our family lives. It’s possible for you too! You CAN do work that lights you up and works perfectly with the rest of your life. 

Is it your time to do this?

We’re excited to share our  Do Work You Love program. We’ll provide you with your personally designed and meaningful roadmap for the future that thrills you and gives you achievable direction

Here’s what you’ll have:

  • CLARITY about what you really want in work and life and why

  • A ROADMAP for your exciting future that puts you in charge of your destiny

  • CONFIDENCE that you know what to do to succeed

  • THE EXACT STEPS you need to take to get going with your plans

We help Mums who:

Dream of doing something they LOVE without compromising their family, lifestyle or financial security
are at a crossroads and don’t know how to move forward
are feeling directionless, unhappy and not optimistic about their future. 

NOW is the time for you to do what you love to embrace a future that lights you up! 

What does this program involve?

  • Collaborating with your coach to discover, articulate and plan out your roadmap for your exciting future, step-by-step

  • Using your strengths and authenticity to ensure your plan is motivating and has a high chance of success

  • Accessing cutting edge coaching techniques, assessments, strategies and tools which are scientifically proven and effective

  • Intensive one-on-one coaching sessions mixed with guided home-learning activities

  • High degree of support from your coach throughout the program to help you take action and get to where you’d love to be!

Would you like a taste of what we do?  Book a free Love Your Work strategy session!

Choose a job you love and you will never have to work a day in your life
— Confucius