Are you Flourishing?

Flourishing is associated with better coping strategies, frequent positive emotions about life and a sense of growth and achievement.  A flourishing mother is able to enjoy the many and varied opportunities that life presents and more effectively manage the challenges. 

The Flourishing Scale provides an insight into your self-perceived success in important areas of wellbeing such as engagement, relationships, self-esteem, purpose and optimism.  


Below are 8 statements with which you may either agree or disagree.  Please use the drop down boxes to indicate your level of agreement with each item.  Once you have completed the scale please leave your name and email address and we will provide you with personal feedback and suggestions based on your responses.

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Permission to use the Flourishing Scale is given by Diener, E., Wirtz, D. et al. (2010).  " New well-being measures: short scales to assess flourishing and positive and negative feelings." Social Indicators Research 97(2): 143-156.