Is your work just not working? Here's what to do.

In our interactions with mums, we listen to many different challenges and concerns when it comes to work. These are some common ones. Do any of these sound like you?

  1. You’re unhappy in the job you’re doing. You know you’ve not been loving your job for some time now. It doesn’t feel right and doesn’t work in the context of your family. You’d rather be doing something else and be somewhere else….with your true work tribe.
  2. You’re stressed out trying to juggle work and home responsibilities. Your life feels chaotic and out of balance and you’re not feeling like you’re succeeding at either thing. You’re feeling miserable and have lost your mojo.
  3. You’ve decided you want to move in a whole new job or career direction…. Or to start working again having been away from the workforce bringing up children. You don’t know where to start. You’re paralysed with indecision. You’re overwhelmed by the options.

What to do? Get help with the big picture

Most of us will tend to start by getting straight into implementation mode; looking around job sites, networking, writing our resumes, updating our LinkedIn profiles. But it can feel rather like we’re shooting in the dark at a target we cannot see.

You see, starting with the specific questions, like “what job should I apply for?”, cannot be answered until you know the answer to the big questions: “What’s most important to me?” “What’s my purpose?” “What skills or talents, when I use them, make my heart sing?” “Where and when do I find joy in my life?” Unless we know ourselves deeply, these big questions can’t be simply answered.

If you don't know who you are, how can you figure out what you want?

Herein lies the emphasis of the work that we do with many of our coaching clients. We get you to know yourselves, inside-out. We help you with a process, collaboration and support to answer these big questions. Once you do this, the specific questions then become pretty simple. But it’s not just figuring out what you want and why. Our coaching helps you understand and appreciate your strengths and capacities, because we know that when you use these at work, you will love your job.

And then what? Plan and act

It’s about active planning. Articulating goals which are motivating and exciting to you. Plotting a path towards your goals. Broadening the possibilities. Looking at potential solutions. Taking action. Reviewing what’s working and changing what’s not working. Sticking at it and persevering. All of these things are so much easier to do when you know the “why” of what you are putting your energies and time into, and will help sustain your momentum as you make changes that are authentic.

DIY or call in the cavalry?

With self-knowledge and an awesome plan that is congruent with who you are, it is possible to find work you love. Work that is energy giving, not energy draining. However, in our experience, not everyone can work through a maze of decisions alone, make bold forward steps, commit to action, be resolute in making change.

If you struggle with finding motivation to make change, figuring out your big picture or making plans, and would love a professional to guide you through a process, then coaching may be for you.

Think of coaching as the ultimate investment in yourself. A plan for your life! Finding answers to big questions such as “what am I on this earth to do?”.

Whether you do it yourself, or call us in to help, our joy is to see mothers flourish at work and in life. We hope these tips help you find your path to your work tribe, a life you love and a whole lot of mojo!

With love

Flourishing Mothers