Let's celebrate the things we HAVE accomplished this year!

Accomplishing something you’ve set out to do feels fantastic doesn’t it?  No matter what the project or task, getting it done produces a sense of happiness and calm relief.  Positive Psychology recognises accomplishment as one of five elements of wellbeing and encourages individuals to set and strive for personally meaningful goals as well as noticing what you accomplish every day.

At this time of year however it’s easy to find yourself thinking about how fast the year has gone and perhaps reflecting sadly on the things you didn’t do during the year.  As a Mum you may not have completed the 25 projects you planned back in January but we think you should let yourself off the hook.  From the perspective of Positive Psychology coaching we want to encourage you right now to celebrate all the things you HAVE accomplished.

For example, rather than feeling regretful about friends you haven’t caught up with recently spend a minute or two recalling terrific gatherings that did occur during the year.  Treasure those positive memories!  Perhaps like me you haven’t yet organised last summer’s photos into an album – but I bet you took many gorgeous photos of family and friends that will be enjoyed forever (and might make it into a book or album one day)!

Also, please don’t forget to notice all the things you accomplish day in day out that weren’t on the project list but still take time, energy and love:

  • 350 school lunches packed
  • 2800 songs sung (at bedtime or otherwise)
  • 1800 newborn nappies changed
  • More than 673 drink bottles washed up (and 17.5 new ones purchased)
  • 83 games of UNO played with ecstatic children

I know you’ll be able to add more to this list that resonates for you personally.

best wishes until next time….

Please follow this link if you would like to read more about Martin Seligman’s (founding father of Positive Psychology) Theory of Wellbeing - https://www.authentichappiness.sas.upenn.edu/learn/wellbeing