What is Coaching and what would you gain from it?

Much of our human interaction: chats over coffee, long phone calls, walk and talks, is focussed on the happenings of our lives and quite often a good old vent about the issues.  This can be a key element of our closest friendships but Coaching is something a bit different.  Coaching is a directed conversation about positive personal change and the steps to get there.

Now you might be thinking: “yeah, yeah, I chat about changes I’d like to make all the time….”  However, the conversation between Coach and Client puts the focus 100% on the Client.  100% on assisting you to make progress towards goals which are personally meaningful to you.

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Please think about the difference that this type of focus makes.  Your Coach will listen intently to you - without distraction from their kids or their phone, and without trying to tell you about what is going on in their own life.  Your Coach will concentrate on creating an environment where you feel comfortable to open up about your thoughts and dreams for the future.

Dare to dream

In a Coaching session you can experiment with ideas and voice thoughts of change that are still fuzzy but you’re keen to flesh out.  Your Coach can help you unpack the ideas and work out whether they are what you want to move forward with.  Coaching is all about seeking solutions rather than long discussions of the problems.  Once you outline your goals Coaching is about developing a range of possible options and helping you to choose the best path for you at the current time. 

You can wave a magic wand during a Coaching session and conjure up whatever positive future you want.  Once you’ve created a vision of what you want to accomplish your Coach will help you map out a plan and determine concrete actions that feel realistic to you. 

Your Coach is there to support you – to be excited when you are thrilled about something and to offer support and motivation when you hit a roadblock.

At Flourishing Mothers, we believe passionately in the power of Coaching to boost wellbeing and guide positive action.  Our Masters level University training in the fields of Positive Psychology and Coaching Psychology allows your Coach to offer ideas and interventions based on the best available knowledge from the latest scientific research and practice.  Your Coach is aligned to professional Coaching associations and has a duty of care for professional and ethical conduct and undergoes continuing education.

We know you deserve Coaching and if you would like to find out more please contact us for a free chat.

With our best wishes

Flourishing Mothers

Important: Some mothers may have mental health issues that make Coaching inappropriate or not in their current best interest.  We are not psychologists not psychiatrists, however we have the training to help understand the signs and symptoms and can support these mothers in finding the right professional help.