Let's fly smoothly into 2018!

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Have you a good flight plan for re-entry into school and work in 2018? 

Over the past weeks many of us have been luxuriating in the slower pace of holidays.  It’s been gorgeous to have a break from routines, and to take each day as it comes, but pretty soon we’ll need to return to normal scheduling.

On exactly this subject, we were really thrilled to be asked to contribute to Pilot Pen’s back to school campaign and want to share a few of our tips with you.  Transitions are a tricky time and can bring up a range of emotions from excitement to anxiousness, so we’d love to help you plot a successful path into 2018 by encouraging competency, communication, strengths and celebration.

  1. Competency – the New Year is a great opportunity to give your kids some new responsibilities.  If you let them do some things on their own they will feel more competent and confident which is great for their wellbeing.  AND – helping our kids become more independent is excellent for the wellbeing of Mums!

  2. Communication – Just as with adults, if your child’s fears go unexpressed, the fears can feed upon themselves and increase anxiety, so do encourage your children to voice any worries they may have before school starts.  Once you’ve heard their thoughts you can work with them to come up with solutions together.  Years ago my daughter was quite anxious about the climbing frame at primary school.  We practised climbing safely to help her build her skills.

  3. Strengths – it’s helpful to point out to your child when she/he is using particular strengths of character.  Try to notice moments when they’re clearly displaying strengths like bravery or kindness or curiosity because then we can remind them when they need help to manage concerns.  For example: “Darling – I know you’re worried about being separated from your friends at school this year but do you remember how you made friends at tennis camp this summer.  You were able to use your sense of humour to get chatting with people and you showed them how kind you are.”)

  4. Celebration – Create a positive mindset and reduce back to school stress by celebrating the new school year and good things that occur in the early weeks back at school.  Talking to our kids about what went well during the day is a great way to create and share positive emotions.  When we start by paying attention to the positive it can help to put problems into perspective and discuss challenges more calmly.

If you’d like to read more of our back to school tips please check out this article:  https://www.femail.com.au/kate-wilkie-top-tips-for-getting-back-to-school-interview.htm

With love
Flourishing Mothers

PS. We’d love to hear your tips too!  Please share in the comments.