3C's: 3 actions to end 2017 on a high and get excited for 2018

I know it’s still October, so why does it feel I’m already in the race towards Christmas? Try as I do, it’s hard to ignore the retail promotions, shop decorations, Christmas cards, bakery mince pies and Christmas junk mail! But the clincher was when I worked out that my kids finish up school in early December. That means I have just 5 weeks left of kid-free work time.

5 weeks left of kid-free work time!

What am I going to do with it?

Because I want to make this year really count. I want to end it on a high. And I want to greet 2018 (2018??!!) with a head-start and a whole lot of excitement.

"I want to make this year really count. I want to greet 2018 with a whole lot of excitement."

Like most of us, I have various exciting projects not yet finished this year (or even started!) and a task list a mile long. And though I’m confident that 2018 will be an awesome year, it’s an amorphous fuzzy shape right now with so many exciting plans and schemes. And it will be February before the kids get back to school and I have some breathing space again to make real progress towards my 2018 goals.

Does this sound familiar? Do you also find November to February goes in the blink of an eye? Would you also like to end your year on a high? A sense that you’ve done great work? And a belief that you have great things to look forward to?

Here are the 3 actions I’m undertaking to maximise the 5 weeks I have left to myself. I offer them for you to try too. Even better, write them down, to help you focus and get committed.

  • Complete. What is the ONE THING that if you put some focus on it and complete it, you will feel good about it? Which goal do you really want to achieve that will make you proud? Which project is really going to advance your mission?
  • Commence. What is the ONE THING that if you really give it some dedicated thought, give it some shape, and make even the smallest start, you’ll be ahead of the 8 ball for 2018? What is going to give you a sense of excitement and energy around what you will achieve next year?
  • Crop. What is the THING / THINGS you need to relinquish, relegate or delegate to free you up to do the two things above? What things seem urgent but are not important? What projects are depleting you and not energising you? 
end 2017 on a high - 3C's

As I complete, commence and crop, I feel the satisfaction of achievement, the thrill of anticipation for the future, and the relief of letting go what no longer serves me. 3 actions that pack a punch!

with our best wishes

Flourishing Mothers