Are you flourishing? Take the test!

Do you ever, just in the course of a day without prompting, ask yourself; “Am I flourishing?”

You probably ask yourself a bunch of other questions.  Did I get enough sleep last night?  Have I eaten a proper meal today? ........ Including vegies?  Did I remember everything on my to-do list?  Is it time to relax for a few minutes with the paper? and so on.   

Your responses will likely tell you a bit about your physical health and stress levels but true flourishing goes deeper than that.

What is Flourishing?

When we are flourishing, we have high levels of emotional and psychological well-being; we are happy and satisfied with frequent positive emotions about life and more likely to feel a sense of growth and achievement.  We tend to see our lives as having a purpose and have a sense that we are always growing and evolving.  We feel capable and have a good sense of control over our lives. 

Flourishing Mother

The opposite of flourishing is languishing.  In this state, we are likely to lack positive emotions towards life, experience high levels of stress and feel that we’re not functioning well.  This is an exhausting and risky state to exist in. 

We all sit somewhere on this continuum.  Key research in this area has found that the majority of the population are neither flourishing nor languishing, but sitting somewhere in between in a moderately mentally healthy state.  You know: - some days you feel good and strong and capable and other days it’s more of a struggle to be optimistic and productive.  It seems that fewer than 20% of people are consistently flourishing.  The good news is that Positive Psychology offers tested ways to boost your level of flourishing!

We feel it’s really important to be aware of your own state of flourishing.  Our concern is that Mums, first managing the enormous change that comes with having a baby and then the ongoing busyness of motherhood, are less likely than the general population to be flourishing and could more easily slide into the languishing category.  In the languishing category, we are at significantly higher risk of depression and anxiety so it’s important to notice if you’re more often feeling flat rather than uplifted and take action! 

Take the Test

If you’d like to check out your level of flourishing please click through to our website to take the short, 8 item, Flourishing Scale.  We’ll then send you some personal feedback and suggestions from Positive Psychology based on your responses.

With best wishes from Flourishing Mothers

Sources of support:
National Perinatal depression hotline 1300 726 306

Flourishing Mothers were inspired by Ed Diener and Martin Seligman.