Introducing Flourishing Mothers!

One winter evening we found ourselves standing next to each other in a conversation group of happy and relieved mature age students.  We had all just completed a Positive Psychology exam and were enjoying a glass of red wine in a pub in Newtown.  We started chatting about our plans post study and our favourite bits of the Positive Psychology and Coaching subjects, and of course our kids a bit too.

Debra was doing some life coaching and a lot of volunteer work at her children's school and Kate had just accepted a part-time job recruiting and doing a bit of executive coaching. This was interesting to discuss; but what really kept the conversation going was our shared interest in how we believe Positive Psychology can build resilience against depression and anxiety and help mothers flourish.

It turned out we had been sitting in class with very similar thoughts and dreams, wanting to share these ideas with other mothers.

Since that evening we've developed our ideas with small groups and individual mothers and we are now very proud and excited to launch "Flourishing Mothers" to a wider audience.

Our mission is to help mothers thrive, offering tools from Positive Psychology Science to build resilience and promote mental health and well-being.

We will be writing regular blogs about issues mums face and ideas to handle them.  Our recommendations will come from scientifically validated studies and our coaching expertise and our hands on experience of motherhood.  We hope you will come on the journey with us, seeking to genuinely enjoy the early years with your children, and find meaning and fulfilment through the experience.

Until next time.......