Aiming for Awesome!

Who are the people who have stood out for you? What impressed you? What created their success?

Identifying these people and what made them shine, can be extremely valuable for our own growth and achievement, and encourage us to look for our own strengths.

I'll always vividly remember my first client visit with a new manager. My boss listened intently and then delivered our sales pitch so skilfully, explaining how our systems and processes set our agency apart in the busy field of temporary recruitment. She stood out in our agency and in our industry, being recognised and respected as one of the most professional agents of the time. I was proud to learn from her and always particularly noticed her communication skills.

I don’t think anyone turns up just wanting to be average. Our dreams vary but whatever we strive for, we want to do it well.

So, is there a pathway to awesome?

strengths for performance

YES! The key is to identify and use your unique performance strengths. When we use strengths that come naturally to us we feel uplifted and often experience a burst of energy. This energy supports our confidence and it’s so much easier to give star level performance! When we focus on our weaknesses we’re destined to mediocrity.

Evidence can be seen in a large research study which found that when managers formally highlighted their employees strengths to them, performance rose on average 36%. In strong contrast, formally highlighting the employees weaknesses led to an average drop in performance of 26%. Our strengths are well worth taking seriously.

Focusing on Strengths is a direct pathway to high performance

Finding your strengths pathway

“What are your strengths?” is a common interview question and each of us probably have some standard responses up our sleeve. We also often talk about “playing to our strengths”. But are you identifying your true performance strengths?

The secret is that the strengths that will most help us to achieve and sustain “amazing” aren’t simply what we do well. We need to look for what energises us and what we feel most often inspired to do!

To start identifying your performance strengths, think about these questions:

  • Which tasks do you always prioritise - because you enjoy them?

  • What activities give you a real sense of energy and engagement and meaning?

  • What are doing when you lose track of time and feel 100% engrossed?

  • What do you do that evokes respect and admiration from others?

  • What strengths are often involved in your successes?

Follow your energy and look for high performance moments

In summary, when you are using your core strengths you’ll feel like you’re being true to yourself. You’ll feel energised and you’ll find that high performance follows. You’ll likely also find that you can learn and develop faster in areas that are a strength for you. For example, if you are great with detail and enjoy technical tasks you’ll probably find it both interesting and fairly easy to learn to use complex new software or systems.

We encourage you to test the power of performance strengths with these three tips:

  1. Spend at least some time every day doing things that you’re good at and energise you.

  2. If possible delegate or ask for support with activities that don’t play to your strengths.

  3. If there’s an opportunity to take on a project that is in your strengths zone - grab it with both hands!

If you’d like some help identifying your performance strengths please get in touch - we’d love to help.

Best wishes on your strengths pathway!

We’re in your corner,

Kate & Debra

Are you "living the dream"?

Have you ever imagined how your life would be if everything was perfect? ...Where you have a job you love, a fulfilled life and are looking forward to your bright future? What would you be doing? Where would you choose to put your energies? How would you live and where? Who would be in your life?

Big questions, we know! However, how can we “live the dream” unless we know what our dream looks like? ….You need to know what success and happiness at work and in your life means to you.

Now, we can’t predict the future, or anticipate random opportunities that come our way, or avoid life’s red herrings that send us on other tangents. And our dreams can and do change.

But having a vision of our “best possible life” gives us a reason to strive, and a direction in which to travel. Our vision can be clear. Or clear-ish. Or it can be fuzzy for now, becoming clearer over time. The main point is to be able to start aiming somewhere.

Having a vision of your “best possible life” will give you a reason to strive and a direction in which to travel

And not coincidentally, when we have a vision for our dream life, we’re “primed” to notice opportunities, and then take action, that will help lead us in the direction of our dreams. Our path becomes more smooth. We attract what we wish for. Things start to manifest for us.

So, how can you plot out what “living the dream” means for you? Here are 3 exercises you can try, to build a picture of your “best possible” life at home and work.

1. Skite sheet

Understanding what you love about your current work and life gives you clues for what you may wish to continue or do more of in future.

  • Note down the developments in your life that have given you the most joy (e.g. your kids? doing half marathons? your promotion?….)

  • Write about your passions. What makes your heart sing? (e.g. causes such as climate change? hobbies like rock climbing? innovating a new product? .…)

  • Think about what you could not do without in your life (e.g. your 20 minute commute? working in a team? your yoga class? .…)

  • Catalog the successes and achievements you’ve had at work to date. What work are you most proud of? What types of tasks or projects gave you a real buzz? What are you doing on your very best days at work?

2. Irritations inventory

Understanding what is currently frustrating you gives you an opportunity to avoid or circumvent these in your vision for your future. Knowing what you don’t want also helps you figure out what you do want.

Catalogue a list of irritations in your life and work right now. What do you not like about your work? What parts of your day make you frazzled? When do you feel out of control? What gives you a feeling of dread when you wake up each day?

3. Letter from the future

This is the ultimate tool for creating future positive possibilities.

  • Write down a free-flow letter to yourself, from yourself, at some future date - 1 year, 5 years, 10 or 20 years from now.

  • Describe what you've done and have achieved as a result of your life turning out exactly how you wanted.

  • What are you thinking, feeling and doing?

  • Describe the things that brought meaning and joy in your life or at work.

  • Don’t limit yourself to what’s likely or realistic - in this exercise, let your imagination run wild!

Once you’ve done these three exercises you start to make explicit (clear) what might have been implicit (less obvious or even unconscious) up to now. Getting clearer about the hopes and dreams you carry around inside you is a starting point to making plans for the future. From here, you can start to set some more concrete goals for yourself, with the confidence that you’re moving in the direction of your dreams.

We’re in your corner,

Debra & Kate

Live The Dream

How to indulge - without the hangover!

When I look at my calendar and inbox it feels full of plans for drinks gatherings, bbq catch ups, family parties and even a recipe from my aunt for fabulous chocolate truffles! A whole lot of delicious decadence and fun.

But I’m a bit nervous about the hangovers!

I’ll probably risk indulging with delight in the great food and drink. I definitely can’t wait to make the chocolate truffles. However, at the same time I also want to plan some healthy indulgence.

I’m keen to boost my positive emotions and positive relationships without nasty side effects!

How can we indulge AND increase our flourishing?

Indulgences to help us flourish

1. Indulge in movement

The research is in and well accepted, there’s no argument that movement is good for us physically and mentally – but often it’s the first thing we lose track of when we’re busy. Ironically this is probably when we might most benefit so could it help to plan for it and think of it as an indulgence?

How might you indulge? Could you?

  • Book a walk into your diary (if it feels good make it a recurring date!)

  • When no-one’s watching turn up your favourite music and dance (or tap your foot and sway if you’re really not a dancer!)

  • Trial the exercise class you’ve been thinking about or test out the benefit of a few yoga stretches before bed

2. Indulge in nature.

The benefits of being in a natural environment or even simply looking at some beautiful pictures of natural areas is also really well researched. It’s been shown to reduce feelings of stress, fear and anxiety and increase positive emotions such as awe, gratitude and meaning.

How might you indulge? Could you:

  • Plan to watch the sunset one night this week

  • Find a flower and spend a few moments quietly enjoying the colour and the scent

  • Find some incredible nature photos online

3. Indulge in time for you

For many of us this probably feels like the ultimate indulgence! However the science of self compassion tells us that when we look after ourselves and occasionally put our own needs first, the benefits are enormous. Simply giving yourself permission to indulge, taking a guilt free break from your to do list, will give you a burst of energy and positive emotion. It might even help you accomplish more later on.

How might you indulge? Could you:

  • Go to see that film you’ve been longing to see – or if it’s left the cinemas, download it and indulge

  • Call the friend who you love love love chatting to but just haven’t had time to catch up with for months

  • Take a 20 minute nap

  • Make a coffee date with yourself and a good book

Time for a treat!

Whatever speaks to you we encourage you to give it a try! You work hard and deserve a little healthy indulgence!

We’re in your corner

Kate & Debra

indulge without  hangover