Our Story

You know how when two mums meet, find that they are passionate about changing the world in a similar way, and then realise that if they do it together it would be a powerfully and unstoppable combination and a whole bucket load of fun to boot? Well, that was us, back in 2012.

We were both completing our Masters in Coaching and having a celebratory drink with our Uni cohort after our Positive Psychology exam. Our epiphany was that what we’d learnt to apply in our coaching practice was so completely aligned with what mums need to know and use, to be more resilient, enjoy motherhood more and live their very best flourishing lives whether they decide to work or stay at home. We felt compelled to bring this to life for mums!

Over the last few years, we’ve worked to develop and deliver coaching, programs and tools specifically tailored to mothers. We understand the issues mums struggle with, what they need to think about and do to feel fantastic, and love helping them to answer the big questions they ask themselves as they, and their kids grow older.

We’re still those passionate, unstoppable Positive Psychology coaches today. We’re just wiser, with the benefit of the experience of coaching all the mums we’ve helped over the years. It’s an honour and a privilege to be a part of a mum’s journey to find her mojo, her work tribe or her ideal life.

Debra Close MSc Coach Psych

Debra Close

Positive Psychology Coaching has so much potential to help us juggle the wondrous but challenging journey called motherhood! The tools and skills I have discovered have been of enormous benefit for my own physical, emotional and mental health.  I wish I'd known all of this when I had my children; it would have made my experience of motherhood so much more enjoyable and I would have struggled less!

My purpose now is to help other mums live flourishing lives, be clear on their strengths, values and priorities and accomplish what they’d love to do – at home or work, while bringing up their children. My clients tell me I make clear and simple what seemed like an impossible maze to them.

My background includes a science degree and work in health and research.  The bulk of my working career has been in the corporate sector, in marketing roles in the pharmaceutical, events and financial services industries.  During this time, I led people and teams and developed a passion for coaching.

I have the Master of Science (Coaching Psychology) from Sydney University, am certified to use scientifically validated tools for Strengths (CAPP Strengths Profile) and Resilience (MTQ48).

My work extends to providing coaching to the FlexCareers community of women seeking flexible work, (many of whom are mums), and am a Senior Associate of the Positivity Institute.


Kate Wilkie MSc Coach Psych

Kate Wilkie

I love encouraging women to dare to dream about their ideal future, and then helping them plan and take positive action to achieve their goals.

I believe firmly in the power of Positive Psychology Coaching to boost our mental, physical and emotional health and it’s exciting to offer insights from the science to my clients.  The women I work with appreciate that I listen in a completely non-judgemental way, offering practical tools, strategies and support as they design and implement plans for the future.

My passion for Coaching flows from my background in Recruitment and Human Resource Management and my personal life experience as a Mum of two. I’ve gained firsthand a strong appreciation for the diverse challenges and opportunities that each of us encounters; and our capacity to learn and adapt positively.

I hold the Master of Science (Coaching Psychology) from Sydney University and keep up to date with research in the fields of Coaching Psychology and Positive Psychology.  I’m certified to use scientifically validated tools to evaluate Strengths (CAPP Strengths Profile) and Resilience (MTQ48).

In addition to my work with Flourishing Mothers, I’m proud to be a Senior Associate at The Positivity Institute, and a member of the FlexCoach panel which provides coaching to women seeking satisfying and flexible work.